Financing Violence-Free Futures in East and Southern Africa:

WERK is collaborating with UN Women on a study that focuses on financing for the ending of violence against women and girls (EVAWG) in the eastern and southern Africa region. The main purpose of the study is to explore how the linkage between development assistance dedicated to ending violence against women and girls and improved State accountability contribute to (a) evidence generation; and (b) partnerships with Governments in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) to uphold their obligations on the rights of women and girls.

Specifically, the study seeks answers to the following four questions:

  1. Are financial investments by development partners and philanthropies leading to better and improved accountability of governments in ESA to gender equality goals and the elimination of VAWG?
  2. Are they improving State budget allocations and utilization?
  3. What does the review of investments from ODA/philanthropies reveal has worked or not worked to influence state budget allocation and expenditures for EVAWG?
  4. What can policymakers, development partners (including the UN system), WROs and practitioners do to accelerate investments for women and girls to enjoy a violence-free future?

The study covers over 13 UN Women focus countries in eastern and southern Africa. Of these, a deeper dive into three countries, namely, Kenya, Uganda, and Mozambique is planned. In the remaining, a broad brush analysis will be undertaken with the aim of sketching the landscape of investments in EVAWG in the selected countries.