The project will contribute to ensuring that some 40,000 OOSC children enroll in school in Nairobi County. The project will focus on Dimension 2 (Children of primary school age who are not in primary). This project aligns itself with the National Education Sector Plan (whose overarching goal is Enhanced Quality Basic Education for Kenya’s Sustainable Development). NESP has identified school age population and out of school children in informal settlements as marginalized groups whose participation in education lags behind. The proposed initiative is also intermedium with Kenya’s Vision 2030 (recognizes that human resource capital as central to the country’s realization of sustainable development as an industrialized country that supports provision of high quality life for all citizens), the Constitution of Kenya and the Basic Education Act, 2013 (‘every child has the right to free and compulsory basic education’), and Sessional Paper No. 14 of 2012 (which redefined basic education to cover ECDE, primary, secondary and alternative approaches to basic education).