Welcome to the WERK seminar series. This is a forum that offers an opportunity for sharing knowledge through presentations of cutting-edge research to address the theoretical, empirical, and practical problems in education. Other than enhancing participation of the members, the forum also serves as hotbed of vibrant scholarly discourse especially for budding scholars and researchers in the field of Education and Social Science. In this forum, the concerns and interests of various stakeholders including educational researchers, policymakers, educators, learners, parents, and others, are always welcome as they offer viable perspectives to educational matters.

The seminars are held at two main levels; the seminar series held at WERK offices and those held outside WERK offices – at a venue deemed suitable relative to the prevailing circumstances at the time of presentation. WERK holds about 6 seminars in a year held at WERK offices on specific dates in the WERK website. The seminars held outside WERK premises are mainly ‘high profile’ ones with presenters as personalities at a national and/or international level. WERK holds at least two such seminars in a year and are always advertised through the website and any other forms of media deemed effective.

Characterized by dynamic and in-depth discussion on contemporary educational issues, these seminars are meant to help interested parties engage in meaningful reflections and counter-reflections on complex and emerging issues on the terrain of education with a view of informing and enriching the theory and practice of education.

Members who have issues that they would like to share in an organized forum like this one are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and feel free to put in their requests by way of sending abstracts of their presentations for consideration and possible scheduling.

The committee in-charge of seminars wishes you fruitful, enjoyable and informative discussions.