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These are senior members who have been active ordinary members for not less than seven consecutive years and have made outstanding contributions to the development of WERK

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Ordinary members

These are members who are engaged in educational and social science research.

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Mentee members

These are members who have an interest in educational and social science research.

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Institutional (Juridical) members

These are institutional members that subscribe to the vision and mission of WERK

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Honorary members

These are individuals nominated for acceptance by the general meeting on the basis of their outstanding contribution to the principles, mission and vision of WERK.

Please fill out the form and send it together with your CV (for ordinary and mentee ) to info@werk.co.ke.

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To achieve the above stated goals, WERK has been working with in partnership with likeminded organizations with a view to having a vibrant and community of practice. The core team is made up of the following organizations: