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Dr. Francis Likoye is the co-chairperson of WERK. He holds a PhD in Philosophy of Education and teaches at Kenyatta University, Department of Educational Foundations. Before, he taught at Aga Khan Academy - Nairobi in the BNC, IGCSE and the IB programmes.

Other than teaching, Dr. Likoye has a passion for research in educational matters. His research interests include contemporary issues such as Democratization, Public and Private Partnerships, Marginalization as well as issues related to Technology in Education. In his research experience, he has worked with well-established professional researchers and research organizations including OWN and Associates Limited, Concern Worldwide, Essence International Limited, Uwezo Kenya and Research Triangle International (RTI). Dr. Likoye has presented several papers at both local and international forums and has several publications to his name. He has also participated in a number of educational projects, both national and international.


To achieve the above stated goals, WERK has been working with in partnership with likeminded organizations with a view to having a vibrant and community of practice. The core team is made up of the following organizations: