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Dr. Njuguna is a Senior Lecturer in Education Management and Policy studies in the department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies in Kenyatta University where she has been since April 2009. She is also the director of Kenyatta University Regional Centre for Capacity Development charged with skills development in various fields. She worked in the Ministry of Education Headquarters for 10 years before joining the University.

Her role was in managing and directing Quality Assurance Programmes all over the country especially in the area of mathematics. She worked as chair in Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development ( KICD) and in Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) representing quality Assurance directorate. Dr. Njuguna rose from Inspector of Schools to Senior Assistant Director for Quality Assurance and Standards in 10 years.

Before then she taught mathematics and science in various secondary schools, the last of which was Lenana for over 20 years. She trained to teach Mathematics and Physics at the then Kenya Science Teachers College (KSTC) and while teaching in Secondary Schools, she enrolled for a bachelor degree in Education Administration and Planning, graduating in 1998. Thereafter, she was awarded a Common Wealth Scholarship to study a PhD in Social Psychology in Education in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and graduated in 2006. Since then, Dr. Njuguna has been publishing and conducting consultancies as well as teaching at graduate level. The directorate under her fulfils Kenyatta University mandate of social responsibility and accountability.

More information about her can be got from her CV in the KU website: www.ku.ac.ke home page under academics, short courses or under school of Education, Department of Education Management, Policy and curriculum studies, Faculty.


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