charity limboro



Dr. Charity Limboro is the current chairperson of WERK and Lead researcher GEC WWW Project. She is also a lecturer at Kenyatta University in Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum studies. She holds a Doctorate degree in philosophy from Kenyatta University.

Dr. Charity is an experienced researcher with more than 7 years’ experience in educational research. She is well versed with qualitative and quantitative methods of research. In addition, she possesses excellent use of computer aided qualitative data analysis software’s such as NViVO and Atlas ti and Quantitative data analysis software –Statistical package for social sciences.

Her areas of research interest include teacher education, gender in education, and learning outcomes in education. Dr. Charity has worked as a consultant for several organizations such as Red Cross on suitable education programmes in Madogo and Dertu Boransis villages in Tana River counties and also Own and Associates where she carried out a baseline survey on violence against girls also in Tana River County among others.


To achieve the above stated goals, WERK has been working with in partnership with likeminded organizations with a view to having a vibrant and community of practice. The core team is made up of the following organizations: